Wylers on Wheels


I have known Evangelist Doug Wyler and his family for fifteen years, having met them through the ministry of Ripley Baptist Temple. They are a wonderful family with a real zeal for the Lord and His work. Brother Wyler's Bible-centered messages will help your church, and his family's conservative, Christ-honoring music will be a blessing to all in attendance. This family has a Christ-like spirit and a servant's heart.
pastor rick Perrine
Our Home Church - Ripley, WV
Thank you so much for all of your hard work this week to invest for eternity! You all have had such a positive impact on my own life and my own spiritual growth throughout the years! Thanks for keeping me on track. I appreciate the 110% you always give!
rhonda J.
VBS Teacher - Altoona, PA
We have had the privilege of having the Wylers on Wheels with us here at Worth Baptist. They are a very gifted family. They play a number of instruments excellently and their music is good conservative music done in good taste. They also sing with good variety. Brother Doug Wyler is a very good preacher also. Our members here at Worth enjoyed their complete presentation.
Dr. Willie Weaver
Worth Baptist Church - Fort Worth, TX
We have fallen in love with your family. You have been such role models to our family, thank you. We consider you [Doug] and Ronda true "heroes of the faith"!
I appreciate your desire for God's Word and for standing firm on the foundational truths. Thank you for your ministry and everything you do for the Lord.
Vaughn family
VBS Teachers - Canton, OH
The Wylers are not only a conservative and fundamental family, they love children and are committed to ministering to the saints and building up the local church. Their music and message will be a blessing to your local assembly. Their integrity, servant's heart, and dedication to God's holiness will be apparent as they minister to your church family.
Pastor Kelly Sensenig
Berean Bible Church - Ephrata, PA
Thank you so much for volunteering your time to this camp. Your style of teaching about God is amazing. I am sure you have touched everyone's heart in one way or another!
madison R.
Camp Counselor - Baltimore, MD
My son Kole enjoyed every time you came to our church and accepted Christ as his Savior in December 2014 at the age of 5. It was shortly after one of your visits that he told me he wanted to be saved. He is 9 now and wanted me to tell you that he got baptized today. It was a very exciting day, and I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do and the difference you made in his life. I pray everyone in your family is well. God bless.
kristy H.
Revival Meeting - Hunlock Creek, PA
My husband very much enjoyed listening to you, Mr. Wyler, preach! I say this because my hubby doesn't always vocalize how he feels about a sermon, but when he does it means a lot. We all enjoyed the services, chapels, and music. I absolutely love the Christian hero segments!
Stacy D.
School Teacher - Orlando, FL
They are prompt and prepared for every service, have pleasing personalities, are polite, prayerful, and Rev. Douglas Wyler is a powerful preacher. This family is very multi-talented: presenting a good choice of music, playing many instruments and singing vocals, presenting drama, plus they are blessed with a unique ability to work with children. The Wylers on Wheels were a blessing to our church and challenged our members to serve the Lord with gladness.
pastor lowell Spencer
Eaton Baptist Temple - Eaton, OH